Benefits of a Commercial EV Charger Installation

It’s been said that electric vehicles are our future but that is far from the truth. Electric vehicles are extremely popular right this very minute. You can’t drive to the store without seeing at least one hybrid plug-in or all-electric vehicle. But where do these people look when they want to charge their vehicles? As a business that has had a commercial ev charger installation, you would be standing out in the crowd. In addition to keeping your employees happy, you can attract potential customers by offering EV charging points. By having an electric vehicle charger installed at your business, you can bring in more traffic than ever before.

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Electric Vehicle: Marketing Plan

Not only will an electric vehicle charging station attract potential customers, it can also be used as a marketing platform. Many people see business and building that have EV chargers installed as environmentally friendly. There are even studies that have shown many customers search out companies that are environmentally friendly. You can prove that you care about the planet by installing an electric vehicle charger and boost your reputation in the community.

What EV Charger to Install on a Commercial Property

There are three types of charging stations: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1 is best for a home setting but a Level 2 charger would work just fine in a commercial setting. Whether you’re looking for a way for your employees to charge their vehicles, your customers to get a quick charge, or if you want to charge up a fleet, you can be sure Level 2 chargers will work for you.

Level 3, or a DC fast charger, is the faster way to charge a vehicle. This charger will completely charge a vehicle in only 30 minutes while others may take four to five hours. While your customers are shopping or eating, their car can be ready to go as soon as they step out of your building.

Electric Vehicle Chargers for Property Managers

Property managers can also benefit greatly from installing electric vehicle chargers. Residents who live in apartments and condos may be deterred from renting if they don’t have a place to charger their car. By installing an EV charger on your property, you are opening up the doors to people who might not even consider renting out a unit.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Incentives

Many homeowners purchase electric vehicles because of the great rebates available. There are also rebates available for commercial electric vehicle charger installations. A lot of states offer tax credits as well as grants for installing car chargers. Southern California Edison currently has two rebates available for EV Charger installations

It’s very clear there are many benefits to installing an electric vehicle charger on a commercial property. Whether you want to create a better work environment for your employees or open up your business to more customers, installing a car charger can be a great move. Contact us today to get an estimate for a commercial ev charger installation.