New appliances require panel upgrade in PV

When you go to purchase a new appliance for your home, you rarely think to check to see if your panel can handle a new appliance. For this client, they did not think to check, When they installed their new fridge, it ended up using more power than they thought, causing their electrical panel circuit breakers to trip. We were able to come out and install a new panel with new circuit breakers to handle the load of their new appliances and more in the future.

Panel Upgrade Photos

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Before you go and buy a new appliance for your home, call us to see if your home or business can handle the load of a new appliance. If you Send us a photo through our contact form of your existing panel, we can tell you whether or not your current service can handle the new load of the new appliance.

How to Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel

We reccommend installing your own electrical panel, only if you are a very experienced contractor. If you are unsure of anything in the process, call us and we can help you through it. Check out this article on how to install your own electrical panel.

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