HVAC Wiring Hookup Long Beach

If your an HVAC contractor, you often need an electrician for any HVAC wiring hookup for air conditioner units. This client, an HVAC contractor, needed us to connect a mini-split hvac unit. A Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces. They wanted to install the unit on a storage unit they use on site. We were able to come out and run wire from their electrical panel up to the storage unit to power the mini-split. For more information about mini-split units click here.

HVAC Wiring Hookup Photos

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If you are an HVAC contractor or need us to run power to an existing or newly installed HVAC unit, contact us and ask for our price sheet for HVAC contractors.

Receptacle Installation Hawthorne

Sometimes you need to install a receptacle in specific place, that’s when you call Chamberlin Power. This client needed receptacle installation for a tv they wanted to mount on the wall. It is not a hard job, however you should hire a certified electrician in order to stay safe and code compliant.  Technically you can install electrical outlet wherever you want as long as you can run wire to it. We were able to save our client money by running a wire inside of the wall to another receptacle in a different location. They also needed us to install an electrical raceway for their IT department to run low voltage wiring in the future. Whether you need a new installation for a receptacle or help setting up conduit for your low voltage electrical needs, contact us and we can help.

Receptacle Installation Cost

receptacle installation price range: $150 -250

Estimated time to complete installation of receptacle: 1-2 hours

Receptacle Installation Photos

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Install a receptacle yourself

If you want to install an electrical receptacle yourself we recommend you follow the steps in this article, How to Install an Electrical Receptacle from Scratch. If you get stuck, feel free to call us, we can help.

Panel Upgrade Long Beach

Many people don’t realize, but when you purchase or lease a solar system for you home or business, you need to make sure your electrical panel can handle the new electrical load. Before you think about installing a solar system or any other electrical heavy device or appliance you should contact a licensed electrician so they can look at your current electrical panel setup to make sure it can handle it. This Long Beach home owner needed a new set of circuit breakers to handle the new solar panel system. If you are thinking of or in the process of getting solar installed in your home or business contact Chamberlin Power. If we cant help you, we can point you in the right direction. Also you can click here to see a previous project we worked on in relation to upgrading a panel for a new solar system.

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Outdoor Electrical Upgrades in Westchester

This client contacted us needing a couple of electrical upgrades for the yard in their home. They had a pond they needed to run electrical to to add landscape lighting. They also wanted to install a motion sensor light fixture for the side of their home and add an outdoor receptacle for their sprinkler system. If you are thinking about adding some outdoor lighting or new gfci outdoor receptacles to your home or business, contact us.

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Electrical Panel Upgrade for New Lofts

Chamberlin Power recently helped a property management company upgrade the electrical service for an old industrial building that was in the process of being converted into lofts. Each unit needed a new electrical panel installed. We were also able to help the property owners deal with city inspectors and getting the right permits to do the job correctly. You can read more about our commercial electrical service here.
loft electrical panel upgrade