Security Lighting Installation Long Beach

Security for your home or business is important, The key to successful security lighting installation is strategically placing spot lights and flood lights where they will startle and at least temporarily blind an intruder, while also alerting you, your neighbors and passersby to their activity. Our electricians have been designing and installing security lighting setups for homes and businesses in the area for over 30 years, we know how to install a successful crime prevention lighting scheme. This homeowner wanted to install security lighting and security cameras on their home. With our help we were able to come up with the best locations to install the lighting and cameras in their home. We also did some additional receptacle and smoke detector installations for them.

Security Lighting Installation Photos

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Security Lighting DIY

If you are wanting to install security lighting yourself, we recommend checking out this article, Install a Security Light.

If you are thinking of purchasing and installing security lighting in your home or business call us today or read more about lighting services here.