Nema 1450 Tesla Installation Newport Beach

This customer finally got their brand new Tesla. Now they needed to install a Nema 1450 receptacle in their garage to charge their car. Tesla offers two options for home charging. You can either install a Tesla Power Wall or install a Nema 1450 receptacle for the Tesla mobile connector, which comes with the car for free. Both options will charge the car relatively quick but the Tesla Wall Charger charges your car faster. However it costs more to install a Tesla Wall Charger, there is more electrical work involved and sometimes you need to get approval by the city you live in. Most people choose to go with a Nema 1450 because it is cheaper and you can still charger your Tesla over night.

The homeowner decided to go with the Nema 1450 option and needed to install the receptacle in a specific location between two garage doors. This is not a problem for Chamberlin Power as we have installed hundreds of these over the last couple of years. We were able to run power around the house and into the garage using an existing conduit for most of the run, to save the customer money.

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If you have existing power running to your garage, or where you park you Tesla, you can get a Nema 1450 installed in your home for less than $300. The cost goes up depending on how far away your main electrical service, electrical panel with circuit breakers, is from where you want to charge your car. On average we can complete a job like this in less than two hours. Two hours and then you can charger your car at home! If you need a Nema 1450 installed or a Tesla wall charger or an ev car charger, Chamberlin Power can help. Give us a call or use the contact form on our website to send us a photo of your electrical panel so we can get started. You can also read more about installing an ev charger for an electric or hybrid plugin vehicle on our ev charger service page here.