Tesla Nema 14-50 Installation – Long Beach

This customer needed a Tesla charger installation. We came out and installed a Nema 14-50 electrical receptacle so they could charge their brand new Tesla! If your buying a Tesla, you should know that it comes with a mobile connector. This plug lets you charge your tesla into a couple of different electrical receptacles, however this client wanted to charge their car the fastest way possible at home, without having to install a Level 2 Charger, a wall charger that is not mobile.

Tesla Nema 14-50 Installation

We were able to install the Nema 14-50 receptacle and install a new breaker in their panel to provide 50amps of power while they charge their Tesla. Now they can get on the road faster with a higher amperage charge through their Nema 14-50 receptacle. Make sure you hire an electrician that knows how to install Tesla brand chargers or is an expert in ev charger installations. Click here to read an article from someone who didn’t hire an electrician with EV car charger installation experience.

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Panel Upgrade Rancho Palos Verdes

New appliances require panel upgrade in PV

When you go to purchase a new appliance for your home, you rarely think to check to see if your panel can handle a new appliance. For this client, they did not think to check, When they installed their new fridge, it ended up using more power than they thought, causing their electrical panel circuit breakers to trip. We were able to come out and install a new panel with new circuit breakers to handle the load of their new appliances and more in the future.

Panel Upgrade Photos

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Before you go and buy a new appliance for your home, call us to see if your home or business can handle the load of a new appliance. If you Send us a photo through our contact form of your existing panel, we can tell you whether or not your current service can handle the new load of the new appliance.

How to Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Panel

We reccommend installing your own electrical panel, only if you are a very experienced contractor. If you are unsure of anything in the process, call us and we can help you through it. Check out this article on how to install your own electrical panel.

Panel Upgrade Long Beach

Many people don’t realize, but when you purchase or lease a solar system for you home or business, you need to make sure your electrical panel can handle the new electrical load. Before you think about installing a solar system or any other electrical heavy device or appliance you should contact a licensed electrician so they can look at your current electrical panel setup to make sure it can handle it. This Long Beach home owner needed a new set of circuit breakers to handle the new solar panel system. If you are thinking of or in the process of getting solar installed in your home or business contact Chamberlin Power. If we cant help you, we can point you in the right direction. Also you can click here to see a previous project we worked on in relation to upgrading a panel for a new solar system.

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Electrical Panel Upgrade for New Lofts

Chamberlin Power recently helped a property management company upgrade the electrical service for an old industrial building that was in the process of being converted into lofts. Each unit needed a new electrical panel installed. We were also able to help the property owners deal with city inspectors and getting the right permits to do the job correctly. You can read more about our commercial electrical service here.
loft electrical panel upgrade