Tesla Nema 14-50 Installation – Long Beach

This customer needed a Tesla charger installation. We came out and installed a Nema 14-50 electrical receptacle so they could charge their brand new Tesla! If your buying a Tesla, you should know that it comes with a mobile connector. This plug lets you charge your tesla into a couple of different electrical receptacles, however this client wanted to charge their car the fastest way possible at home, without having to install a Level 2 Charger, a wall charger that is not mobile.

Tesla Nema 14-50 Installation

We were able to install the Nema 14-50 receptacle and install a new breaker in their panel to provide 50amps of power while they charge their Tesla. Now they can get on the road faster with a higher amperage charge through their Nema 14-50 receptacle. Make sure you hire an electrician that knows how to install Tesla brand chargers or is an expert in ev charger installations. Click here to read an article from someone who didn’t hire an electrician with EV car charger installation experience.

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GFCI Installation Long Beach

Sometimes you move into a home and realize not everything is up to code, GFCI installation receptacles are mandatory in the kitchen for Los Angeles. This customer had a garbage disposal hooked up in their new home to a receptacle without a GFCI. According to the National Electric Code, you don’t need to have your garbage disposal hooked up to a GFCI outlet. However if you live in California, it is a little different. In the California Electrical Code, any receptacles in the kitchen require a GFCI receptacle. See this document here provided by Build California, it mentions the need for GFCI receptacles in the kitchen.

GFCI Installation Photos

gfci installation

We came and installed GFCI receptacle for their garbage disposal. If you need new receptacles installed in your home, call us today. Our licensed electricians can walk you through any of your electrical needs.

GFCI Installation Cost

Average cost to replace a GFCI receptacle will cost under $150. The cost may be less or more depending on varying circumstances.

Receptacle Installation Hawthorne

Sometimes you need to install a receptacle in specific place, that’s when you call Chamberlin Power. This client needed receptacle installation for a tv they wanted to mount on the wall. It is not a hard job, however you should hire a certified electrician in order to stay safe and code compliant.  Technically you can install electrical outlet wherever you want as long as you can run wire to it. We were able to save our client money by running a wire inside of the wall to another receptacle in a different location. They also needed us to install an electrical raceway for their IT department to run low voltage wiring in the future. Whether you need a new installation for a receptacle or help setting up conduit for your low voltage electrical needs, contact us and we can help.

Receptacle Installation Cost

receptacle installation price range: $150 -250

Estimated time to complete installation of receptacle: 1-2 hours

Receptacle Installation Photos

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Install a receptacle yourself

If you want to install an electrical receptacle yourself we recommend you follow the steps in this article, How to Install an Electrical Receptacle from Scratch. If you get stuck, feel free to call us, we can help.

Outdoor Electrical Upgrades in Westchester

This client contacted us needing a couple of electrical upgrades for the yard in their home. They had a pond they needed to run electrical to to add landscape lighting. They also wanted to install a motion sensor light fixture for the side of their home and add an outdoor receptacle for their sprinkler system. If you are thinking about adding some outdoor lighting or new gfci outdoor receptacles to your home or business, contact us.

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