GFCI Installation Long Beach

Sometimes you move into a home and realize not everything is up to code, GFCI installation receptacles are mandatory in the kitchen for Los Angeles. This customer had a garbage disposal hooked up in their new home to a receptacle without a GFCI. According to the National Electric Code, you don’t need to have your garbage disposal hooked up to a GFCI outlet. However if you live in California, it is a little different. In the California Electrical Code, any receptacles in the kitchen require a GFCI receptacle. See this document here provided by Build California, it mentions the need for GFCI receptacles in the kitchen.

GFCI Installation Photos

gfci installation

We came and installed GFCI receptacle for their garbage disposal. If you need new receptacles installed in your home, call us today. Our licensed electricians can walk you through any of your electrical needs.

GFCI Installation Cost

Average cost to replace a GFCI receptacle will cost under $150. The cost may be less or more depending on varying circumstances.