Modern technology is advancing at a rapid pace potentially causing businesses to run insufficient wiring that is necessary for running their equipment. When commercial buildings are updated or renovated, many construction crews leave the wiring untouched, even though they may add additional outlets or switches. This causes even more strain on the panel and means you need a commercial panel upgrade.

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Understanding a commercial panel upgrade

An electrical panel is what provides the electricity to a business’ building and all their equipment. The power provides by the utility company flows through the outside wiring into the electrical panel and then outwards again to power all the appliances and equipment. An electrical panel must be functioning properly in order to ensure safety to a business.

A commercial electrical panel differs from a residential panel because it is required to have a “dead front”. A “dead front” is a safety feature that protects people from being shocks by the electrical components inside. This is a requirement from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the National Fire Protection Association.

Commercial businesses also use more electricity than many homeowners do. Large electrical equipment takes a bigger toll on an electrical panel than small home appliances. Commercial properties also require the use of special outlets or dedicated outlets to run big equipment. Take a look at California building standard codes here. With these outlets, businesses are ensuring the safety of their building allowing them to run operations more smoothly.

Where is the main electrical panel located?

An electrical panel can easily be located by looking for a grey, metal box. It is usually located in an area that is easily accessible but also out of the way. This is so it doesn’t get blocked or become a safety violation. If you can’t find the electrical panel inside, it may actually be located outside the building.

What are problems caused by an old electrical panel?

In commercial buildings, if you are experiencing any of the issues below, please contact us to help out. A malfunctioning electrical panel can be very dangerous.

  • Lights flickering
  • Constantly tripping breakers
  • Wires melting
  • Turning off equipment to use another piece of equipment
  • Shocks, overheating, or fires due to defective circuit breakers

How do I know if I need a commercial panel upgrade?

There are many signs a building may need a commercial panel upgrade. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, please call us immediately.

  • Crackling sounds coming from the panel
  • Rust or corrosion found on breakers or panel
  • Electrical service conductors overheating
  • The need for multiple extension cords
  • Additional outlets needed
  • Computers not using a dedicated circuit
  • Devices that cannot operate at full power
  • Additional equipment being installed
  • Renovations or remodels

If you think you need a new panel upgrade, please contact us or another licensed professional. Upgrading an electrical panel for commercial properties can be a tough task for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Performing this job wrong can lead to serious consequences. Our technicians are trained professional who can provide you with a new electrical panel installation to help protect your employees and customers. Be sure to contact us today!