By creating a wind chill effect, ceiling fans can make any room appear to be cooler. This is an inexpensive way to keep your home cool during the summer without turning on the air conditioner. Not many people know that ceiling fans can also keep rooms warm during the winter.

Circulating the Air

When you turn your ceiling fan on in the summer, it creates somewhat of an indoor breeze. It helps cool your skim when the air passes and evaporates sweat. This process makes a room feel more cooler. This effect is creating by blowing the air downward in the room. Your ceiling fan must turn counter-clockwise and have the edges turned up to push the air down.

Most fans have a reverse button on the side of the base where the blades meet. Use this button in the winter to change the airflow direction. The warm air in a room will be pulled up and then pushed back down to keep the room cozy. The blades must spin in the position direction than during the summer which is clockwise with the edges turned up.

Note: If the same setting is used in the winter as in the summer, it will create the cooling effect making the room seem colder.

Use Less Electricity

A ceiling fan is noticeably cheaper than running an air conditioner or a furnace. By using a fan, rooms can feel much cooler and use less energy. If you leave a room, be sure to turn the fan off as they don’t affect the rooms outside.

Ceiling Fan Varieties

Ceiling fans come in so many different designs. There is a ceiling fan for every taste, style, and room size. There are even fans with dimmer switches which help save even more energy. Any electrician would be happy to help choose the best ceiling fan for your home.