SCE EV Charger Installation Rebate

Southern California Edison (SCE) is now making it easier for electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle owners to save on their driving costs. They have recently offered two programs, the Clean Fuel Rewards Program and the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate, to people who own or lease an electric or plugin vehicle. If you are planning to install a level 2 ev charger then you are eligible to receive a rebate from SCE. Also if you have recently purchased an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Below we will go over the details of each program and where to find more information.

We at Chamberlin Power have many years of experience working with planners and inspectors of various Southern California utility companies. If you need help with the process of receiving a rebate for installaing a Level 2 Electric Vehicle charger in your home or business contact us, or call us at 562-386-3557

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Clean Fuel Rewards Program

When you dicide to drive a plug-in or EV car you are contributing to a more energy efficient future. If you have recently purchased or leased a new or used electric vehicle then you might be eligible to review $450 from the Clean Fuel Rewards Program from SCE.

The Clean Fuel Rebate is funded by the State of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program, which helps combat climate change by encouraging the use of clean fuels, like electricity, in vehicles.

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Charge Ready Home Installation Program

Are you planning on installing a level 2 EV Charger in you home? If so you may reviece up to $1500 in rebates from SCE. SCE is offering a rebate program to help alleviate the costs of installing and permitting your home or business for certain types of EV charging.

This rebate has two options, depending on the time-of-use rate you select. Both require that you are installing a Level 2 (240-volt) EV charging station and that you install and must be a customer of SCE and enroll in an eligible SCE Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate. TOU rates are electrical power rates based upon the time of day and the season when power is used. These rates can help lower your utility bill by using power when rates are lower in the day or season.

Standard Rebate – Up To $500

  1. Customers that sign up for a residential TOU rate for their entire home for at least 24 months
  2. Does not require a separate meter or service panel, will charge your EV through your existing service panel
  3. Installation the Level 2 charging station must be made by a licensed electrician
  4. Rebate for only electrician labor for the installation of and materials required for the 240-volt circuit and permit fees

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Increased Rebate – Up To $1500

  1. Customers already signed up for TOU-EV-1 residential rate, a rate applied only to EV charging (not the whole home), for at least 24 months
  2. Install a new dedicated meter for the EV. SCE will install the new meter at no additional cost to the customer
  3. must be completed by a licensed electrician
  4. Rebate for only new panel to house the separate meter, electrician labor for the installation of and material required for the 240-volt circuit, and permit fees

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Confused about the technical mumbo jumbo? Give us a call, we know the ropes when it comes to dealing with the process of getting these rebates and we can help!

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