It shouldn’t have to be said but the use of electronic devices in or around water is extremely dangerous. Shock can occur in these occasion. When devices are plugged into a normal electrical outlet, these shocks can be fatal.

The National Electric Code states that GFI, or Ground Fault Interrupters, be installed when outlets are needed around water. This helps prevent accidents like electrical shock. Kitchens, pool areas, bathrooms, and outdoors should all have GFI outlets installed. These outlets help detect the abnormalities in electric flows and can turn off when they are detected. This process can help save lives.

There are two buttons on GFI outlets, “TEST” and “RESET”. These buttons help ensure the outlet is working correctly. To test the outlet, simply press in the “TEST” button. This turns the outlet completely off. To turn it back on, just press the “RESET” button.

Any electrician can help install a GFI outlet where it is needed. If you have regular outlets in your kitchen or bathroom, give us a call for a quote!